Servant Mommy re-evaluates polygamy in the light of Sister Wives.

Mommy, Are You Our Servant?

I never understood polygamy.  What, exactly, is the appeal? Why would a man want to have to answer to so many women, when in most marriages, he can’t even listen to one? Maybe for the hanky-panky but really, that is a pretty high premium to pay for a few extra rolls in the hay.  And, why on God’s green earth would any woman want to share a husband with other women?  I mean, grody.

But then, about a month ago, my friend Carrie and I found ourselves spending a long afternoon together with my oldest and her two girls.  We had taken our older girls to their ski lesson and were enjoying an after class snack at a yogurt spot.  What was so nice about this outing, other than passing the time with a very fun girlfriend, was that we instinctively knew how to take care of our kids together. …

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