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Kody Brown and Sister Wives WILL have their day in court.

Judge Clark Waddoups has turned down the motion to dismiss filed by Utah County Attorney Jeffrey Buhman. This was an attempt to declare the issue moot because Buhman had at the last minute adopted a policy of not prosecuting people … Continue reading

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Polygamy and the Presidency – Rick Santorum

OK, so maybe Mitt Romney is the more obvious subject for an article on polygamy and the US presidency, with his polygamous ancestry, espousal of a once-polygamous religion, and neat line in jokes that avoid these facts (“marriage should be … Continue reading

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Not-so-private Idaho

Updated 15 January 2012The School Board at Horseshoe Bend, Idaho, has placed School Superintendent John Cook on administrative leave for “personal reasons”. What those reasons are may be something to do with Boise resident Don Reiman’s decision to go public … Continue reading


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Val Darger in…

….The Guardian. Normally unable to recommend the Guardian, today is an exception, as Val Darger gives the British left the benefit of her experience with polygamy.

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