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Opinion Piece – “Our Big Fat Polygamous Family”

This Speroforum opinion piece by Carolyn Moynihan is hostile to the Kody Brown v Utah polygamy case, but is considered and gives lots of context for those who wish to delve more deeply.

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One of the best social histories of Christian polygamy now online

Google Books now have online a limited preview text for “After Polygamy was made a Sin: A Social History of Christian Polygamy” by John Cairncross. You can find it here – our review is here

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Polygamy Poll- What do you think the Bible teaches about it?

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History of Western Polygamy Debates

Welcome to a brief history of Western Polygamy debates. This section is due to grow in the future, but for the moment we have listed below, in chronological order, all the English-language works on polygamy so far identified from the … Continue reading

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