Christianity and Polygamy

This site aims to provide a consistent and honest analysis of the Bible’s treatment of polygamy and the consequences this has in other areas of Christian doctrine. This involves acknowledging the differences between sexual morality in the Biblical worldview and the teaching of various modern denominations. The site does not support illegal or immoral relationships, and does not seek to promote polygamy.

Here you can learn how the Bible supports tolerance of polygamy, and what the Bible has to say about each of the objections to polygamy that Christians may have heard.

The Basics

Why should Christians think about polygamy?

Poly-Positive – Polygamy as a Christian doctrine Where and how the Bible teaches that polygamy is acceptable.

Objections to Polygamy from Christians

Polygamy In The Bible – Examples of polygamy in the Bible.

Scripture Index – Book by book, what the Bible says about polygamy – check to see if it’s complete – tell us if it isn’t.

The Marriage of Christ and the Church – The leading New Testament example of polygamy

Was Moses a Polygamist?

“It is written”

Review of Anti-Polygamy Book

Book Review – the social history of Christian polygamy

John Milton on Polygamy in the Bible

Related Issues

Unlicensed Marriages and the Church – Why polygamists do not need the government to recognise their marriages

Marriage is for life – not forever

What the Bible teaches about Marriage


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